A Paradigm shift towards  Healthier Living & Healthier Aging Health & Wellbeing


'The next frontier of human advancement-personally and collectively-is the emotional frontier.

Your task-and the task of humanity-is to learn how to intelligently resolve feelings for your own and other’s benefit, in order to enrich your experience of life and create a better future.'    

Doc Childre, Founder, Institute of HeartMath.


Health and wellbeing is not just the absence of disease, illness or infirmity, they incorporate a complex combination of physical, mental, emotional and social health factors. Wellbeing is linked to how we feel about our lives and ourselves.


'Finding the Balance'

In all things balance is required, from the people around you to the physical aspects of life. Most of all, it begins with the relationship you have with the 'Self.' Being able to love and accept who you are, in this moment, as a 'work in progress' is vitally important. When you bring balance into your life, it creates harmony throughout all your relationships.

How stress affects health: 

When we become stressed (and there are many manifestations of stress), it means that we are in a state of mental or emotional conflict, consciously or unconsciously.This affects the oscillations in the brain, creating change and disruption to the signals (information) being transmitted. It slowly begins to affect our clarity, emotional processing abilities, sleep patterns, vitality, enthusiasm and creativity. Eventually, the integrity of our cells, tissue and organs are undermined, manifesting as health issues. The body’s innate ability to repair, revitalise and rebuild is compromised. Whatever your health and wellbeing goals, the body is only as strong as the weakest link in its interconnected systems.


At Bioenergetic Health we utilize the latest technologies provided by NES Health (www.neshealth.com) and its Total WellNES System (Nes Provision), which restores health and wellbeing on all three levels of the human being: our information, our energy, and our physiology. Anyone currently doing energy work suffers from the difficulty of trying to explain it to clients.  Getting results is great, but visualizing what is actually going on in the body is a game-changer.  ProVision scanning software brings the body’s energetic system to life visually. “Seeing is believing.” Seeing brings credibility that goes hand-in-hand with the acceptance of energy as a vital function in the body. Think of a ProVision scan as an MRI for the body’s energy… but it’s much easier to administer, takes 30-seconds, is non-invasive, gives a precise analysis of the human body field. Tangibly, It’s the first credible step in getting a positive treatment result, providing real, detailed understanding for how the energy component of your body operates.


Bioenergetic Informational Healthcare:

A paradigm shift:

Bioenergetic and Informational Healthcare (BIH) is a natural integrative approach to health and well-being. BIH bridges the worlds of mainstream medicine and complementary healthcare. Conventionally, doctors harness energy and  information fields via technologies such as x- rays, MRI scanning, CAT scans, ultrasound and other imaging systems  that activate and detect structures in the body on the physical, molecularand bio-electrical levels.

In complementary medicine, BIH is taken further to include the fields of energy and information that underlie the physical body and control our physiological functioning: the human bio-field or body-field. As science continues to reveal the relationships between consciousness, information, bioenergetics, biochemistry and illness, BIH will set the standard in understanding the underlying causes of health issues and corrective processes.


Why is the energy component in our body, vital? 

Think of it as bio-energetic software, imprinted with information. This energy and its imprinted information control the body’s internal hardware – our organs, biochemistry, nervous system, and can have a great effect on overall wellness. When distortions or blockages occur (again, welcome to life!), our bodies re-channel the energetic flow to compensate.  Blockages are often the root of chronic issues and stresses.


Why is the transfer and regulation of information so important?

The body is made up of very precise, structured, energy and “information” fields. The heart, brain, lungs, liver and all other key organs have distinct energy fields, each with very specific patterns and each with a distinct “information” structure. When functioning perfectly, the energy flow in what we call “The Human Body Field” helps optimize our body’s own powerful healing mechanisms. These fields function as master controls for the body’s functions because again, chemical reactions and nerve impulses alone simply don’t account for all the rapid subtlety of movement our bodies are capable of.  By correcting energy blockages AND the information structures of the energy itself, we re-train the body to get back to its innate, intended nature… triggering our body’s powerful, built in, healing abilities.

Here’s a simple way of looking at how energy and information work…

Imagine two people talking on mobile phones:

‘Energy’ is what carries the call from one phone to the other.

Our voice is the ‘information’on that signal.

The human body-field works much the same way.

Information and energy control biology 

Imagine the body as a computer.

Our body also has hardware and software. The hardware is the tissue, bone and physical matter; the software is the information patterns that control our physiological functions. They work together for optimal functionality.  The 'hardware' has been extensively studied by Western medicine, but with little understanding over what actually controls the body. What’s been ignored is the body's information system or its 'operating system' and 'the energy' (like electricity) needed to run hardware.

The information (software) tells the body's biochemistry how to organise and structure itself. If you have perfectly operating software, your body knows precisely what to do and can repair itself. The body works from a blueprint or set of information codes to create optimal health and homeostasis. Correct the control system of the body, enhance its energy systems and health improves―dramatically

What interferes with the transfer and regulation of information processes: 

Emotions generate conflict.

Conflict -creates stress. 

Stress creates a change to the information getting to the tissue of the body. The 'stress' is packets of information that has blocked communication in the Bodies Hologram (blueprint), causing dis-harmony and dis-ease, through lack of integration.