NES Energetic Health & Wellbeing Assessment

Assessing your current state of energetic health and wellbeing.


The scanning process:

NES software works by transmitting information from an optimal body-field map into the body, then correlating and analysing the response received from each part of your body-field map. Once the scan is completed, the software illustrates any located distortions in the body’s energy and information and makes recommendations for correction. Your physical body is like a vehicle (car) that gets you through life. Your body-field determines how well the car runs. Just as a car needs periodic maintenance, so to your body-field needs correction. These aspects of your field are not corrected only once, as many things interfere with correct functioning, and may need addressing periodically to function effeciently. Nes does not work with the physical body directly, but with the underlying quantum-level information, that the body-field uses to regulate the physiology of the physical body. 


Despite your symptoms or diagnosis according to conventional medicine:

A NES scan shows what your body field indicates as the underlying distortion in your system’s information and energy fields. It doesn’t deal with your physical symptom, it looks for the root cause of your problems at the HBF level, at first this may seem unrelated to your diagnosis.


Consider how a heart problem symptom can present as a pain in the left arm, indigestion or some other constellation of symptoms seemingly unrelated to your heart function. Similarly, your health problem may have a host of apparently unconnected energy and information breakdowns.


For example, someone with a heart problem may have a clear reading for the heart field on a NES scan, but have severe distortions in energy and information channels correlated to blood oxygenation (stress on the heart often starts with lung problems), calcium metabolism (blocked arteries may originate in how your body is using calcium), or even in your bones (immune cells, blood cells and other cells are ‘born’ in your bone marrow). Your body field may be asking for correction in these bioenergetic fields before it even flags your heart field. 


Think of your body field as prioritising the long chain of events that led to your problem. It begins by correcting each item in the chain. Your health is also like a chain—it is only as strong as the weakest link. Your body field waves a red flag saying, ‘this is weak. Fix this first. It needs help now!’ That’s the way the NES scan works, based on the logic of Bioenergetics, that root causes may be ‘masked’ and appear unrelated to physical symptoms. You could say the body field and the physical body each have their own kind of intelligence, although the scan’s information (the intelligence revealed via the scan) is a result of a matching process.


However, NES doesn’t mean that you have no input or responsibility for your state of health. Addressing the underlying causes of stress in our lives, including the effect of diet, exercise and environmental factors are also important considerations.

Your practitioner will address the physical problems you are experiencing: 

By addressing the energetic roots of the problem following a specific sequence, which the scan identifies as the priority for correction. Each successive scan shows the improvements achieved and reveals the next priority for correction. The scan is non-invasive and completed in a few seconds. Unlike any other health services or products, this unique system allows you to both analyse and correct the state of wellness. Nes Infoceuticals address the prioriites highlighted via the scan. They are encoded with corrective information that restores the body's optimal blueprint for health and performance.