Mind/Body Medicine: What sets the NES Health system apart from other therapies?

Is its ability to correlate our emotional states, with our neuropeptide configurations.  The study of neuroscience, and psychosomatic illness and wellness, (in simple terms) links perceptions in the brain to the body, reflecting changes, triggered by our emotional states throughout our daily lives.  Our thoughts, our daily mood or emotional state and negative programming held in our sub-conscious minds, have a big influence to our physical health. When we have a specific feeling, thought or drive, it affects our nervous system by using neuropeptides, which carry the messages back and forth between mind and body.  Symptoms are messages from the body related to unconscious stress, shock or trauma, and the interference patterns, which underlie a deeper cause and core issue. 


KEYPOINT: There is a strong link between emotional and mental states and the neuro-chemical changes they produce in the body, which the NES system analyses.

All health and wellbeing issues, have their underpinnings in the body’s biofields. The human biofield holds the blueprint of our ‘energetic anatomy and physiology.’ All disturbances in the fields, undermine the integrity and functionality of the anatomy and physiology of the body’s flesh and bones counterpart. Impacting our chemical, physical, mental, emotional and spiritual health, wellbeing and empowerment.

Stress, shock and trauma, genetic and epi-genetic imprinting, environmental influences, disempowering beliefs and unresolved life issues, create disturbances which reverberate throughout the body.

Despite advances in Allopathic medicine, and many Alternative Therapies, along with supplements, drugs and procedures, most people in general report only achieving respite from their symptoms. Rarely are the core issues and underlying cause of the symptoms or imbalances addressed.        


NES Provision Scan

Assessing your current state of energetic health and wellbeing.

The priorities:

  • Assess current levels of stress

  • Calm an over sensitized CNS (Central Nervous System)

  • Improve the bodies energy flow

  • Clear blockages and reimprint corrective information

  • Activate natural detoxification process

  • Improve overall immunity 

  • Re-energize systems and re-activate the body’s self healing mechanisms for optimal health and wellbeing.

  • Assess and address the underlying core issues and the cause